Nowy serial animowany dla dzieci

A 3D animation preschool series without dialogues.

Beanie and Dreabie spend a lot of time together and experience many joyful adventures. Subsequent episodes of the series show that thanks to the friendship and cooperation it is possible to manage in any situation.


Out in the country,  at the edge of a forest there live best pals under the Sun:
a  merry dog Beanie with his head full of ideas  and an inquisitive and energetic  bird Dreabie.

First encounter

Beanie and Dreabie met a long time ago when the bird was still very little. At the time Dreabie was roaming the area in search for an ideal place for his house. Walking briskly by Beanie’s house he caught the dog’s eye who decided to have him come for a cup of tea. Beanie and Dreabie came to like each other so much that they decided to become neighbours.

Drebie's house

Beanie had arranged Dreabie an apartament in a high old tree next to his house. Since that moment they became the best friends under the Sun.


Beanie the dog likes reading papers and books, watching TV and spending time outdoors getting fresh air. He grows a garden near his house and often engages in handiwork. You can always count on him.


Dreabie is a little joyful bird, curious of everything around him. He admires the world with excitement and will not hesitate for a second to help his friends. He would like so much to fly but his little wings will only let him fly very short distances.

Beanie and Dreabie "Winter tournament"

About series

3D animation preschool series without dialogues – 26  x 5 minutes

Chidren from a recipiences group are characterized by a great curiosity of the world, they watch with interest the natural environment and are fascinated by fauna and flora. The colors in the serial are bright and fair and they emphasize a positive character of production. The animation relates to Polish and European patterns of this kind of serials for the youngest.